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MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC Lipstick Collection

 I bought my first MAC lipstick when I was 17 and since then I have found it difficult not to go nuts and buy every single MAC lipstick that I see on display in the MAC store.  The quality of MAC lipsticks are great for the price and the wide selection and different types of lipstick available ensures that there is a shade and finish that you are bound to fall in love with. 
There are 6 different finishes that MAC lipsticks offer, these are as follows: satin, cremesheen, frost, lustre, glaze, amplified and matte. I personally love all of the matte shades but my collection has a good variety of each of the different finishes. 

From Left to Right: Rebel, Pink Noveau, Craving, Chili, Faux, Kinda Sexy, Brave and Modesty
From Left to Right: Craving, Modesty, Faux, Rebel, Kinda Sexy, Brave, Chili and Pink Noveau

1. MAC Rebel Lipstick 

This lipstick is probably my least used of all my MAC lipsticks (I bought it about 10 months ago - look how much is left). This colour is way way out of my comfort zone. It's bold, deep and rich and only really goes with a certain style of make up that I think is more appropriate for evening wear. Still, it is a beautiful colour that can be mixed with other lipsticks. It's a satin finish which means that it's not completely matte and has a little shine. 

2. Mac Pink Noveau Lipstick 

Pink Noveau is another one of my MAC lipsticks that are completely out of my comfort zone. It's another satin finish and is a bright highly pigmented pink. I wore this a lot when I was on holiday in Portugal as I thought it was somewhat of a holiday colour and looks lovely with a tan. Since then I haven't used it a lot but maybe this summer it will be put to good use. 

3. MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick

This lipstick is another one of my favourites and I have repurchased this twice now. Its a matte peachy nude colour and it is a nice everyday work kind of colour. As it's a matte finish it can be drying on the lips so I usually put a tiny bit of vaseline on my lips 10-15 mins prior to applying the lipstick. 

4. MAC Modesty Lipstick 

 Modesty is one of the first MAC lipsticks that I ever bought. It is a simple glossy nude colour that is in the cremesheen finish line. It's nice for everyday and goes with most make up looks. Also I think it is a nude that matches most skin tones. This lipstick I have repurchased around 3 or 4 times now and I literally use it everyday! It's simple, a little glossy and long lasting. It's a good browny nude that goes with any make up look. 

5. MAC Chili Lipstick

Chili is one of two red lipsticks that I own. I really love red lipstick on other people but for myself I don't think I pull it off well until I found this one! This has more of a deep orange tone as opposed to being just red and it goes well with a tanned skin tone. It's another bold lipstick of mine that I wear occasionally as I think it only goes with certain looks. If I wear this lipstick I usually wear this as the statement and keep all other make up very minimal as this on its own is a lot. It's a matte finish so I usually exfoliate my lips before wearing this as it can look a bit flaky and patchy.

6.  MAC Faux Lipstick

 This lipstick is my most recent purchase from MAC. Having used Modesty for a long time as my everyday lipstick I was in search of something new and a bit more matte. This is a nice lipstick that gives the effect that I wanted but the colour is a little to pink for me. I'd prefer it to be a little more brown based as cappuccino lips are trending now along with the 90's style.

7. MAC Craving Lipstick

This shade I wore on my 21st birthday. Its bold and slightly purple based with a light glossy finish. I paired it with Berry Lipliner by Mac and also kept the eyes bronze and smoky. I like this colour because it isn't too bold and therefore you can still add colour to the eye make up and wear this lipstick without looking overdone.

8. MAC Brave Lipstick

This lipstick is another favourite of mine that I use regularly. It's a semi-matte colour that has good staying power. I often use it alone or to tone down other bold colours and give an ombre effect. 

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